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On this page, I thought it would be fun to share a little of my technical journey.....really I just want to show off my kit, but the first thought sounded better.

My First .....
My first real bicycle was more a piece of art than a bicycle.  My dad was friends with former Australian racer and cycling legend Jack Walsh.  Jack had a store years ago in Sydney.  Dad had a one-off Jack Walsh Special built for me.  It really was beautiful.  Even the bike pump was chromed. 
Talk about proper  My dad refused to buy me a bicycle until I was old enough to ride a full size.  He did not want to "waist money" on smaller bikes.  I had to make do with a scooter until I was ten.
Sadly, that lovely bike was ridden by yours truly into the back of a parked car a few years later.  I was waving at friends on the way home from school, not looking where I was going, and rear ended an old blokes car parked on the side of Old Forest Road.  It broke my heart...and my head....

After we moved to the United States, my next bicycle was a 1979 Centurion Omega 10 speed.  It was my Pearl White pride and joy, and I rode it all over with Howard.  It wasn't expensive...kinda cheap...but i loved it just the same.  It took me to school, to work and touring on  weekends.  San Francisco, Yosemite, Sonora and more.....

Years passed.  The army, a first marriage, a second, and the accumulation of many injuries and personal physical damage.  I've never been a lazy man, but somehow still those inches found their way to my fatty middle.  The larger I got, the more I ignored it.  I was always strong, and my physical strength was enough to mask and ignore what was really going on with me.  I was miserable.  Active, busy, fat and miserable.

Enter the next bicycle, and my way back.....
 Jimmy's Schwinn Caliente!

....and ready for the road!
Once I got serious about cycling I started searching the Internet for a new bicycle.  One of my that would carry me and my fat ass to better health.  I was really stunned and a bit intimidated to begin to learn about all the advancements in bicycle tech.  From aluminum frames to carbon fiber (CF).  Ebay and Craigslist became my playgrounds late at night while I searched for just the right thing.  I didn't really know what I was doing, but I was having the time of my life.   I found an amazing deal in Fresno on a Kestrel Talon.  I love the bike, its look, the company, its history and reputation and thought it would be as good a platform as any to build up my dream bicycle.  I called the woman who was selling it, made an offer which was readily accepted and made an appointment with her a few days off to drive down and pick it up.  I could hardly wait.  The day finally came and I called ahead to let her know I was on the way.  Would you believe the woman had not waited for me, and had sold the bike the previous day.  I was pissed.  What a bitch.
Another couple of weeks found another Kestrel Talon in San Jose.  This time, SUCCESS.  We arranged to meet in Pleasanton and a deal was made.
 After a few upgrades to include CF Aero Handlebars, clips, shoes, seat, tires and a few other goodies I was ready for the road. 
Describing the difference between a new CF road bike and an old school bicycle of my youth is like trying to describe the difference between the Wright Flyer and the space shuttle.
But not all was smooth sailing and that bike, at least the frame anyway, was not to be mine for long.  On a ride in San Francisco, coming off the Golden Gate on my way back from Sausalito, I was blindsided by a knuckle dragging twit on a mountain bike.  The side on impact cracked the frame. 

 I was devastated, but with the assistance of friends in locating said moron, encouragement of my woman and a vigilant eBay search I located a new model frame for sale.  A few days later UPS came a-knocking and not long after that......happy days!!
Since then I have added new wheels.  (Ksyrium Elite).  Merek Aero bars and stem, Cateye double wireless computer, and a very cool Inou GPS Video Camera system, upgraded the drive train to Ultegra (although that will change again soon.  Going with a compact set up I think.) and some other custom touches.  Personalized stem cap....which does nothing but make me smile.  Custom wheel graphics....again....for smile factor only.  CF drink bottle cages, CF seat post....Selle Italia turbo 3 saddle....Michelin Pro 4 Endurance tires and something else totally for my own amusement which I am too embarrassed to admit what it is.

More to come.

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